Amazon IAM for scheduling stop and start operations

Amazon Web Services Policy – Start and Stop EC2 Instances

In order to allow AWS administrators or users to schedule the stop and start of instances through Hummingbird247 simply associate the following policy to the IAM user or group of users.     Users can then schedule these automated actions through Hummingbird247, please refer to the credential creation blog post for details on how to[…]

AWS Scheduling Service

Getting Started Part 1: Your first AWS credential

Your cloud automation journey has now begun with Hummingbird247. You may ask yourself “Where to from here?”, but don’t worry that’s what this ‘getting started’ guide is here. When logging into Hummingbird247 you will be redirected to the Hummingbird247 Resources page, however, you may notice it is empty at the first login. To solve this problem[…]